SIA F-MAN provides fire safety services in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the Republic of Latvia. Having assessed the situation at the facility, we offer to develop a full range of fire safety services. Any technical problem can be solved using the latest technologies, material resources and, of course, the availability of qualified specialists. We adhere to high standards of service in our work.

We provide equipment and systems best suited for each application and our technical staffs are well trained and specialized in related disciplines. Our specialists have all the necessary certificates and licenses to perform work at the highest level.

We provide:

Development/updating of fire safety documentation (evacuation plans, fire safety instructions, orders);

Design/maintenance/installation of fire protection systems;

Practical and theoretical classes (instruction) in the field of fire safety;

Audit of fire safety of objects;

Fire safety solutions;

Our Services:

F-MAN offers a complete Annual Maintenance of Commercial and Residential buildings;








Fire Fighting Equipment Instalation;








Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan;









Water pumping station piping coloring;







Fire Alarm System sinstallation;








Fire Designations;