Risk-aware employees are vital to keeping your company safe.
Look after employee well-being and help your people keep regulations in mind while at work with ready-made courses. We are offering online/remote and on-site courses. Develop a sense of awareness in your employees and let them discover more about fire hazards and the ways they can be prevented. Lessons are delivered through videos and supplementary articles.

During the course:

  • Introduce the basics of fire safety.
  • Will learn how to use different kinds of fire extinguishers.
  • Establishing workplace fire safety
  • Knowing the most effective extinguishing agent to be used against each class of fire.
  • Control fire hazards results from differnt activities such as welding and cutting, smoking, electricity, hot surfaces, etc.
  • Knowing the principles of fire risk assessment.
  • Knowing the principles of fire evacutaion plans.